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Carol's Sockery offers miniature sock knitting patterns sold in local yarn shops everywhere.

Sock Knitting Patterns, Needles & Kits

Sock Knitting Patterns
Carol's Sockery offers patterns by Carol Breitner, needles, and kits for miniature socks. 

Look for Los Lobe Hose™ tiny sock earrings,Let Freedom Earring™, and Ho Ho Hose™ 3-inch sock ornament patterns and kits in your local yarn shop, along with Carol's 4-inch double pointed needles size 0000 (1.25 mm, 10 cm).

Los Lobe HoseTM  Tiny Sock Earrings
Create amazing sock earrings to match your hand-knit socks! Pattern includes a set of earring wires in gold-tone or silver-tone surgical steel. 

Sock Divide: Knit Socks That Fit   

Carol's long-awaited first book Sock Divide: Knit Socks That Fit, will be self-published.

Drawing on 20 years of obsessive sock-knitting experience, Carol teaches you how to make the most out of your sock yarn with no leftovers and no more running out of yarn. You'll discover how to create a sock in 2 directions, starting in the middle and finishing with perfectly stretchy cuffs. Knit Socks That Fit all the feet, ankles, and legs you love.


Carol's Sockery


Purveyors of popular sock knitting patterns that are easy to follow, with clear, well-written instructions and beautiful illustrations; needles and kits

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